Emergent Health’s New “Forbidden Medicine” Could Make This $158 Billion Care Industry OBSOLETE

Big Pharma is running scared … 

For over a decade, new biotech-powered medicines and therapies have been threatening some of their longest-standing (and most profitable) products.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the side effects of their drugs too. And “it scares the crap out of the pharmaceutical companies,”2 according to one expert. People are growing increasingly frustrated with the cost of “managing” their health issues with prescriptions—sometimes even having to take one drug to offset the harmful side effects of yet another drug.

The result is a radically transforming landscape, with the Biotech market expected to soar to $2.44 Trillion in the next 7 years3. In that time, new disruptive innovators will rise to dominance—and some of today’s most lucrative medical therapies will become obsolete overnight.

Emergent Health Corp. (OTC Pink:EMGE) might just be one of those companies … and their newest breakthrough might threaten $158 Billion of Big Pharma’s business1, each and every year …

America’s Deadliest Affliction

Cancer is the second most-prolific killer in the United States each year, just behind heart disease. In 2019, the Centers for Disease Control recorded 599,6014 total deaths from various forms of cancer.

Now you may want to take a seat for this…

According to the American Cancer Society, it’s estimated that 40% of all men (and 38% of all women) will be diagnosed with Cancer at some point in their lives. 5 

As you can imagine, there are more different dr-ugs used to treat cancer than for any other type of affliction or condition:6 

These medications are mostly used in chemotherapy or hormone therapy. And there’s more coming. Much more. 

It’s estimated that 5,212 more anti-cancer dr-ugs are currently in Big Pharma’s “pipeline.”6 Talk about a cash cow!

By 2024, experts believe that $1 out of every $5 spent on prescription dr-ugs will go towards cancer medication.6 That’s an estimated $240 Billion each year in sales.

That might sound like “Great News” for Big Pharma. But in reality it’s a massive burden on those suffering from various afflictions, and many are looking for an alternative  … 

Regenerative Medicine,
The “Forbidden” Alternative

Regenerative medicine is an increasingly popular new alternative to traditional treatments and therapies …

This treatment specifically focuses on repairing, re-growing, or re-generating damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues—directly attacking the underlying cause of a condition instead of just treating the symptoms.7

Early studies indicate seriously positive results, but many of these new therapies have yet to obtain FDA approval; let alone compete with the billion-dollar business of Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson.

In fact, film star Mel Gibson shared his personal story with Joe Rogan about this Regenerative Medicine. This eye-opening video has been viewed over a million times on YouTube:

Emergent Health Corp (OTC Pink: EMGE) has been a trailblazer in Regenerative Medicine for over 15 years now. 8

Guided by their President and Founder, Dr. John V. Cappello, DO, and MBA, the company is a diversified biotechnology firm with a focus on developing health and wellness products with mass appeal. 9

Most recently, through their subsidiary Emergent Health Foods, the company has begun to develop new supplements like CancX®, a dietary supplement designed to provide crucial nutrition to those suffering from cancer and other debilitating conditions. 10

Whether undergoing therapy, in recovery, or in remission and just striving to avoid recurrence, it’s absolutely crucial to optimize caloric intake and nutritional quality in order to lessen side effects, reduce the risk of infection, and improve overall quality of life.

The company refers to it as “Nutrition Therapy,” and focuses on a few key goals with products like CancX®: 11

Medical Nutrition Therapy (or MNT for short), is already widely accepted by medical professionals as a “key component in diabetes education and management” according to the CDC.12

Artboard 1

Emergent Health Corp.’s (OTC Pink: EMGE) breakthrough Nutrition Therapy products work on similar principles, with scientifically-proven ingredients combined to provide crucial dietary benefits for those suffering from cancer.

CancX® is a unique formulation based on proprietary patents and well-studied ingredients that can’t be found in practically any other supplement. It’s designed to deliver a comparatively large variety of Ellagitannins and Beta Glucans, with a blend of 24 vitamins and nutrients optimized to support energy, mood, sleep, appetite and strength.13

Ellagic acid is an increasingly popular anti-inflammatory compound that has been shown in studies by the Medical University of South Carolina to kill some cancer cells in laboratory experiments.14

The ellagitannins found in CancX®’s key ingredient (Red Raspberry Seed Powder) are powerful polyphenolic compounds rich in dietary fiber and proteins.13

These ingredients are combined with the goal of creating a more holistic alternative that can help to improve quality of life without the dangerous side effects or complications that arise from many prescription pharmaceuticals.
Early test results seem promising. In a press release from May of 2020,15 the company reported positive results on prospective research study. Over four weeks of trial usage, all participants reported multiple benefits—including improved alertness, better sleep, better mobility and improved appetite. When asked to rate CancX® on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of effectiveness, all participants rated it between 8 and 10.

Dr. Jane Lock’s story about her experience with CancX® is especially compelling.

The company’s newest product, Anxium™ Stress Relief, is an all-natural patent pending stress relief product “designed to compete with dr-ugs like Valium, Klonepin, Vistaril and other prescription dr-ugs.”16

Shares Poised for a Comeback?

Emergent Health Corp (OTC Pink: EMGE) is debt-free16 and, at time of writing (11/16/21), the company is trading at roughly 72% off its 52-week highs. 17 

The company admits that it’s struggled with management in recent years; which left the current team in the lurch with no business or assets back in 2016—after several years which saw cumulative sales reach $5 Million. 20

Now headed in a new direction thanks to the change in management, the company has invested a substantial portion of its resources into the development of their new subsidiary—Emergent Medical Foods—with a new “Consumer-Powered” business plan and a new networking website launched in the first half of 2020.

This new business will build a network of 100-20020 Advisory Physicians who will recommend the company’s products, backed by a network across the web and social media to bring new products like CancX® and Anxium™ to the people who need them the most.

Emergent Health Corp.’s (OTC Pink: EMGE) ultimate goal is to take the subsidiary public with a spinoff IPO at a target of $6 per share. 20

According to a press release from August of 2020, some of the company’s breakthrough supplements “literally have no known competition,” 20 thanks in part to the company’s portfolio of key (and pending) patents. 18 

Just as important, this new direction means the company will be following in the footsteps of network marketing companies like HerbaLife (HLF), which has over 2,300,000 distributors and now trades at over $42 per share. 19

Even if shares simply retraced the company’s current all-time high, that would provide an estimated upside potential of 1,419% from today’s valuation (11/16/21). 17

Now, I’m not saying EMGE is going to run 1,419% to those past highs, but with the new management team working to improve transparency, working to uplist the company to OTCQB Venture Markets,20 and book revenue from their new subsidiary, it’s quite possible that Emergent Health Corp. (OTC Pink: EMGE) shares could be displaying some serious near-term upside potential.   

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