With a Severely Broken $4.2 Trillion Healthcare System in Need of Repair, American International Holdings Could Become a Massive Player(1)

Plus, A Former “Shark” Just Joined the Board of Directors(2)

Now more than ever, health and wellness are top priorities.

“Even before the [health scare], many people around the U.S. were beginning to dabble in proactive and preventative health and wellness practices,” according to Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail. “What this [health scare] has revealed is that taking care and control of your own health — individual, family, home, etc. — is even more critical than before.”(3)

However, for some, that’s easier said than done.

At the moment, according to American International Holdings U.S. OTC: (AMIH), about 43.4% of U.S. adults ages 19 to 64 lack adequate health care insurance – most of whom are middle class (ineligible for overburdened state services).(1)

A low-cost medical insurance policy with a $10,000 deductible may cover some severe $100,000+ conditions like heart surgery or cancer. However, let’s be honest. It’s just not enough to meet the average family’s needs for primary care, minor illness, or injury.(1)

Fortunately, American International Holdings U.S. OTC: (AMIH) could be aggressively filling a critical gap by providing affordable access to medical and mental healthcare practitioners, preventative health and wellness programs, discount-driven prescriptions and diagnostic services, and proprietary nutraceuticals for 82 million un- or under-insured U.S. residents.(1)

All of which could provide American International Holdings a big piece of a multi-trillion-dollar healthcare economy moving forward.

Just Who is American International Holdings U.S. OTC: (AMIH)?

There’s a lot to get excited about with American International Holdings.

Just look how the company is disrupting a broken $4.2 trillion healthcare system, with digitally-based telehealth and virtual platform companies, such as:(4)

  • Zip Doctor: A monthly subscription-based online telemedicine platform providing customers with unlimited, 24/7 access to board-certified physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors and therapists.
  • Epiq MD: The convergence of primary care, preventative care, and wellness programs – on one platform, in a single offering.
  • LifeGuru: A website dedicated to providing an online platform for various life, executive, leadership, and career coaches to connect directly to their customers and clients to provide coaching and mentorship services.

The severely broken $4.2 trillion healthcare system(1) needs companies like AMIH to repair it. All while aiming to create positive change for employers, millions of un or under-insured, and average families trying to meet ungodly costs for healthcare.

Moving forward, AMIH has several catalysts that could drive earth-shaking growth.

Major Potential Catalyst No. 1 – A New Telehealth Model for 82 Million Americans Lacking Primary Care

With EPIQ MD, the company believes it represents the next generation in telehealth and wellness. Here’s what could set it apart from the Teladoc giants of the world.(1)

Rather than competing with Teladoc, which contracts with major health insurers to reduce primary care costs for insured patients, AMIH identified a “massive niche” of 82 million un- or under-insured Americans.

To understand why this population is so large and how wide the gap is they fall through, consider this. Many of the 43.4% of U.S. adults aged 19 to 64 lacking access to primary care are middle class and deemed ineligible for overburdened poverty-line state services.

As healthcare costs have outpaced working wages and the U.S. economy by over 177% over the past decade, you can understand the enormous scope of this problem.(1)

Plus, according to many industry experts, half of all working Americans decline the insurance offered by their employer. What would you do if you were forced to choose between insurance or putting food on the table?

Furthermore, research shows that small businesses would prefer to provide primary care services instead of only major medical or traditional health insurance. That is, if they could afford it…(1)

Major Potential Catalyst No. 2 – AMIH Investing in What Could be Multi-Billion-Dollar Markets

American International Growth is still heavily investing in its growth.(1)

There’s LifeGuru.

LifeGuru is a life coaching platform connecting people with various specialized life coaches. These coaches have expertise in mentoring people through life’s challenges, spanning romance and finance to career, health, and family issues. Most importantly, it could be a $1 billion opportunity.(6)

“Just in the US alone, life coaching is a $1 billion total addressable market (TAM),” AMIH CEO Jacob Cohen said. “We believe that our convenient lower-cost, higher-margin online business model and user-friendly platform holds great promise not only to capture market share but to disrupt the marketplace and increase our TAM.”(6)


With the launch of ZipDoctor in early 2020, the company began providing millions of under-insured people with affordable access to primary health care. ZipDoctor provides physician and mental health provider tele-visits and prescriptions for only $20 to $45 per month.(1)

Most recently, American International executed a telemedicine services agreement with Murphy RX. This Texas-based specialty pharmacy provides its customers with prescriptions, specialty compounding, vaccinations, diabetes care, medical equipment, various OTC remedies, as well as a full range of cosmetic products, vitamins, and more.


EPIQ MD plans to offer those 82 million Americans with zero or inadequate health insurance access to primary care physicians and mental health professionals, along with preventative care, such as nutritional counseling. It also intends to offer deep-discounted rates to select third-party prescriptions providers, in-person diagnostics, lab services, and more — all at surprisingly affordable monthly subscriptions.(1)

Major Potential Catalyst No. 3 – Strong Plans for Healthier Future Growth

Moving forward, the company has plans for(1)

  • EPIQ Innovations: The sister company to EPIQ MD is under active development and is anticipated to provide a curated assortment of proprietary, advanced nutraceutical products. These products intend to be formulated in-house. Ever since the start of the health predicament, consumers have dramatically increased consumption of immune-boosting and other nutraceuticals. The expected launch is in mid-2021.
  • M&A: With the keen insight gained into multi-billion-dollar addressable markets, AMIH is in talks to acquire other businesses synergistic with its business model.
  • Growth Capital: AMIH is confident in its outlook, to say the least. Last month, the company retained Maxim Group, a mid-tier investment bank. This move was made for a firm commitment capital raise later this year when AMIH is far more fully valued.
  • Potential Uplisting of Common Stock. Admittedly, AMIH has a lot of ground to cover to get there. However, the company plans to start looking into uplisting its common stock to a national exchange within a year (Q2- 22).

American International Holdings U.S. OTC: (AMIH) Led by a Seasoned Management Team

AMIH is an investor, developer, and asset manager of primarily digitally based telehealth and virtual platform companies in the rapidly growing $4.2 trillion healthcare economy. Most importantly, AMIH is led by a seasoned management team. Capitalizing on the global seismic shift to e-commerce and virtual services, AMIH aims to bridge various gaps within the healthcare landscape. All by bringing together curated primary and wellness care in an affordable, value-driven, direct-to-consumer subscription-based offering.(5)

Jacob Cohen
AMIH CEO and Board Chairman

Jacob Cohen is a serial entrepreneur, corporate finance, and executive management professional with over 18 years of investment banking and capital markets experience. He has started and grown multiple companies in various industry sectors, including marketing, advertising, healthcare, IT, and financial services. Before joining AMIH, Jacob was the co-founder and managing partner of several boutique investment banks and strategic advisory firms. He advised both early and later-stage companies in raising capital in the form of debt and/or equity and in both private and public markets.

Before his experiences in investment banking, Jacob served as the Chief Financial Officer of The Renewed Group, Inc. – a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of eco-friendly and sustainable apparel primarily made from recycled textiles and under the brand name REUSE JEAN from 2010 through the end of 2013.

Alejandro Rodriguez
Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of Epiq MD, Inc.

Alejandro Rodriguez is a renowned entrepreneur and executive with over twenty years of C-Level experience building and leading energy, sustainability, technology, and financial companies. Mr. Rodriguez has successfully launched 6 different companies. He has been collectively responsible for over $7 Billion in sales revenues over his career.

In addition to being a visionary and an operator throughout his career, Mr. Rodriguez has raised over $1 Billion in capital. These capital raises have ranged from early-stage capital from high-net-worth family offices to complicated structured finance transactions with Fortune 100 counterparties and several types of institutional investors. Throughout his experiences, he’s held numerous C-Level offices, including CEO, CFO, and COO. Moreover, Mr. Rodriguez is a proven systems architect, holding a portfolio of intellectual property including an environmental engineering platform, billing systems (CIS), and an energy trading and risk management platform (ETRM).

Kevin Harrington
Advisory Board Member

On top of being an original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington is the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the “As Seen on TV” brand, promoter of Brand Response TV, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success. He has been responsible for launching some of the most successful TV campaigns in the business. His legendary work behind the scenes of business ventures has produced well over $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making of dozens of millionaires. Twenty of his companies have each topped $100 million in revenue.

Jane Sorrell
CEO of LifeGuru Inc.

Jane Sorrell is a transformational coach & intuitive life-alignment mentor. Jane is passionate about guiding others to access their power within and become the master of their own life. Healing the past and rapidly resolving deep-rooted blocks and fears, people frequently experience quantum breakthroughs during their transformative one-on-one sessions with her.

Highly dedicated to her own personal and spiritual development, Jane undertook a journey of self-discovery over ten years and mastered the principles of self-transformation. Jane shares that we simply need to get out of our own way to let life fully shine! She teaches specific principles and methods, with practical and energetic integration, to detox the mind, expand the way we think, and reconnect with our personal power. Jane’s transformational work has enabled her to regularly comment and feature in publications such as Spirit and Destiny Magazine, Women & Home, In The Moment, and Kindred Spirit.

The Top Reasons to Consider American International Holdings U.S. OTC: (AMHI)

  1. At the moment, about 43.4% of US adults ages 19 to 64 lack adequate health care insurance – most of whom are middle class (ineligible for overburdened state services).(1)
  2. A low-cost medical insurance policy with a $10,000 deductible may cover some severe $100,000+ conditions like heart surgery or cancer. However, let’s be honest. It’s just not enough to meet the average family’s needs for primary care, minor illness, or injury.(1)
  3. American International Holdings U.S. OTC: (AMIH) could be aggressively filling a critical gap by providing affordable access to medical and mental healthcare practitioners, preventative health and wellness programs, discount-driven prescriptions and diagnostic services, and proprietary nutraceuticals for 82 million un- or under-insured U.S. residents.(1)
  4. With its operations and strategic moves, American International Holdings could be taking a big piece of a multi-trillion-dollar healthcare economy moving forward.
  5. American International Growth could be set for multi-billion-dollar growth, especially with former “Shark” Kevin Harrington on the Board of Directors.(1)

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