Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report

Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report

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TORONTO , Feb. 10, 2021 /CNW/ – Today Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc. (RBH) released its 2020 Sustainability Report: Toward a Smoke-Free Future, a comprehensive review of the company’s sustainability practices. This report is the first of its kind from RBH. It shares the company’s vision and strategies for creating a smoke-free Canada , and outlines approaches the company is taking to manage key environmental, social and governance topics.

The report highlights RBH’s sustainability strategy which is structured around four pillars:

Creating a Smoke-Free Future – RBH’s vision is to put an end to smoking in Canada by 2035, with the help of various levels of government and the general public. RBH encourages Canadians to abstain from all forms of tobacco and nicotine entirely; to quit fully if they do smoke; and to change if they can’t quit. As governments put most of their efforts into abstinence and cessation programs, most of RBH’s focus is on helping today’s smokers transition to a smoke-free future by offering innovative, smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes.

Operating with Excellence – RBH strives to be a responsible business and corporate citizen; one that honours its fundamental commitments to society, consumers and one another, while running a strong and efficient business that delivers positive economic impact. RBH takes great care to market and sell its products responsibly by complying with all applicable Canadian legislation and targeting only adults who smoke or have converted to smoke-free products, never youth or non-smokers.

Caring for Our People – RBH’s ongoing transformation to a smoke-free future has prompted change in the way the company is organized, how work is defined and allocated, and how performance is measured. RBH pays specific attention to employee’s health and safety, pay and benefits, training and development, and employee recognition making it one of Canada’s top employers.

Protecting the Environment – RBH is taking action to minimize the environmental impact of its products and operations. The top priority is tackling cigarette butt littering and the recycling of both cigarette butts and heated tobacco units as another way of fulfilling its product stewardship role. To this end, RBH set up a three-year recycling program, which began January 2021 .

The most notable contribution RBH can make toward sustainability is to address the impact of its products. The company is taking every step possible to work towards solutions to first and foremost help current adult smokers transition away from cigarettes, and to finding environmental solutions to the waste and litter these products produce.

The report also highlights the significant strives taken at RBH’s Quebec manufacturing plant to ensure sustainability initiatives are put into practice. The manufacturing plant has seen great progress in the decline of energy and water use with the goal to decline both by 40 per cent by year-end 2022; and achieve zero waste to landfill also by 2022.

For a copy of the full report, please visit this link .

QUOTES: Peter Luongo , Managing Director, RBH

  • RBH 2020 Sustainability Report: Toward a Smoke-Free Future will help prioritize our focus and resources in areas where we can have the greatest impact and, ultimately, hold us accountable.
  • We are no strangers to setting ambitious goals and we are committed to working hard to reach them and being transparent in our progress. It starts with outlining our goals for the future through our first-ever sustainability report.
  • We are transforming our company, our products and our place in society. We are committed to a smoke-free future for Canadians, one without cigarettes. We cannot do this alone; we need the help of government and society.
  • Our message on smoking is clear: If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you smoke, quit. If you don’t quit, change.

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Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc., an affiliate of Philip Morris International Inc., is one of Canada’s leading tobacco companies and employs nearly 800 people across the country with its headquarters in Toronto and a factory in Québec City. For more information please visit .

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